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Introducing Surnatural Orchestra

Introducing Surnatural Orchestra

Surnatural Orchestra is an 18 musicians ensemble.
The music of the band mixes different jazz influences with pop, folk and classical music and is composed and arranged by the musicians, hence its great variety.
For 15 years, Surnatural Orchestra has been working and creating around many arts (cinema, circus, theater, contemporary music, songwriting).
Surnatural Orchestra is a real band and also a collectiv : they’re used to playing, to improvising and taking risks together.
Surnatural Orchestra has also always loved to share its experience and skills and has therefore regularly organised music workshops on composition, interpretation, improvisation and sound painting ;
we are used to teaching and working with music students, dance students, advanced amateurs as well as young people from deprived neighbourhoods.
Since the Surnatural Orchestra collectiv strength is well known, it has also often been given blanque cheque to organise whole festivals : Opening of the science museum in Mons (Belgium, 2015), Vicking festival and carnival in Dieppe (France, 2019).

Current projects :

Created with the Inextremiste and Basinga circus companies.
On tour since 2016.
Blurring the line between the acrobats and the musicians : one of the most accomplished circus show featuring a large musical ensemble.

Tall Man
Brand new project.
Concert mixed with text and scenography.
In the end, the audience is invited to come on stage and take part to the show.

The concert
Surnatural is playing its latest Repertoire.
No setlist. The concert is leaded by the feeling developped with the audience and the venue.

documentations public

documentations public

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Diffusion & production
Marie-Edtih Roussillon : mail / +33 (0)6 13 52 52 97

Christine Nissim : mail / +33 (0)1 48 10 07 64

Marc Chonier : mail / +33 (0)6 63 87 52 86

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