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Neither teachers nor animators, we nevertheless like to transmit a certain know-how, built up over these fifteen years of existence of our orchestra: writing, arrangements, improvisations, organization. About ten “soundpainters”, members of the group, regularly take part in workshops intended for various audiences, musicians or not.

A universal language of directed collective improvisation, soundpainting is as exciting to practice for experienced musicians as it is for novice amateurs. Orality, and the fact that no notion of music theory is a compulsory preliminary, make it a playful tool, immediately usable, an Esperanto of improvised music…

Initiation is possible in many ways: with a constituted ensemble, an orchestra formed for the occasion, within existing structures (music school, school, conservatory, association, etc.), and/or before a concert of Supernatural Orchestra.

Strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, but also voices, bodily movements danced or not… all modes of expression lend themselves to it for those who want to grasp this rich language of nearly 700 signs, which allows all exchanges between speakers and participants. .

Two musicians usually run a workshop jointly. These modular rehearsals, in terms of numbers and frequency (from 6 to 60 participants, for from one to 10 sessions) follow performances indoors, outdoors, in concert, cinema-concert, in the wedding hall of a town hall , under marquees, in Medical Educational Institutes…

Banda Caracol, the Surnat workshop!

Every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. in our studio repeats Banda Caracol, this year’s weekly workshop. If you would like to participate, do not hesitate to contact us ici.