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Clameurs (Clamors)

1 – the show

Like its many other stage offerings, the Surnatural Orchestra’s new concert repertoire is written and performed as an organic, surprising show in perpetual motion. All aspects of the performance – music, sound, lighting, space, audience – were conceived as materials to be sculpted and played with.
During the writing and creation in residence, the repertoire was composed with several aesthetic prerequisites in mind: a significant place for improvisation and soundpainting, the improvised and shared conducting technique that has been dear to the collective since its beginnings, as a space of freedom and complicity; research into the spatialization of sound, with the technical team working hand-in-hand to write and set the sound so that the pieces can be performed on stage as well as in the audience or backstage; and a luminous scenography that plays on reflective effects and intensities, notably through the use of faceted costumes and accessories.

2 – crew and distribution

Basile Naudet (guitar)
Bertrand Landhauser (trombone)
Camille Secheppet (alto sax, clarinet)
Clea Torales (flute, alto sax)
Fabien Debellefontaine (sousaphone)
Fabrice Theuillon (alto and baritone saxes)
Guillaume Christophel (tenor sax, clarinet)
Guillaume Dutrieux (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Hanno Baumfelder (trombone)
Ianik Tallet (drums)
Jeannot Salvatori (alto and baritone saxes)
Judith Lune Jansen (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Julien Rousseau (euphonium, trumpet, flugelhorn)
Léa Ciechelski (flute, piccolo, alto sax)
Martin Daguerre (alto and sopranino saxes)
Morgane Pommier (bass trombone)
Nicolas Stephan (tenor sax)
Anne Palomeres (lighting)
Jérôme Bertin (stage management)
Rose Bruneau & Zak Cammoun (sound)

3 – required information and production

Collectif Surnatural is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France (conventional package and stimulus fund 2021), the Ile de France Region (PAC – investment grants), the Departmental Council 93 (departmental company – investment grants), the CNM (investment grants), the SACEM (support for large-scale projects) and occasionally by Spedidam. It is a member of the artists’ federation for music in Grands Formats and the FSICPA (federation of independent artistic creation and production structures).