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Baila Ramona

Latin American songs and music with brass, revisited and made for dancing

Clea Torales
Judith Wekstein
Julien Rousseau
François Juarez
Nils Wekstein

alto saxophone / guitar / vocals
electric bass
trumpet / bombardino / vocals
vocals / electric guitar
percussion / vocals

The group was born in July 2020. It takes its name from the Zapatista comandante Ramona.

Its members all met around Surnatural Orchestra and have known each other for many years.

Julien fell in love with cumbia over twenty years ago (Tato Marenco, los Hijos de Mamacumbe) ;
Judith Wekstein (Yemaya la Banda) and Nils (La Marcha) form a merry band of accomplished salser@s.
As for Clea and François (Surnatural Orchestra), Argentinian and Mexican respectively, they grew up listening to the serenades and boleros of their homeland.
serenades and boleros from their homeland, often sung at family gatherings.

Baila Ramona’s repertoire is rooted in the musical and personal history of the musicians.
It spans Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina.

Baila Ramona has also chosen to revisit songs whose lyrics explore nostalgia, sensuality, poetry, humour
and political (feminist!) themes that run through Latin American culture.


contact : Valentin Calori