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“A world where there is room for many worlds”

by Écoute les arbres pousser

A septet at the crossroads of music, circus, dance and the manipulation of sound and light objects.
A group from the Collectif Surnatural.
Created in June 2025 – circular or bifrontal shows for outdoor or non-dedicated venues
Running time : approx. 1 hour 10 minutes with audience admission
Show for all audiences

Jeannot Salvatori
Allice Allart
Benoît Gilg
Anne Palomeres
Nicolas Stephan
Marielle Chatain
Alfred Spirli
Grégoire Chomel

artistic intentions, saxophones, bass, banjo, vocals
balance, bicycle, wire, bass, vocals
sound effects, keyboards, vocals
lights, dance, vocals
saxophones, vocals
keyboards, saxophone, vocals
drums, sound objects
stage management

Artistic partners :
Ceren Oran, Mathieu Despoisse, Guillaume Duprat

The team behind the scenes :
Technical director : Nicolas Legendre
Construction : Max Heraud
Production : Roselyne Burger & Thomas Gold
Administration : Christine Nissim

Each piece is a new world. Each world is an open door to the imagination. One sings upside down, another dances with lights, planks balance on a saxophonist’s head. You’ll be blindfolded or your arms will be cluttered with objects, you might gasp at the acrobat’s prowess or feel a bicycle brush against your toes. Game after game, it’s the present that connects us. Once we’re together, anything is possible. Yes, desirable futures can happen.

Video extract from the creation below, with special guest Fabrice Dominici and Adrien Amey
Ici et maintenant 2021 Festival at Onyx théâtre

contact: Roselyne Burger

Partners :

Co-production and institutional support :
L’Onyx théâtre – Saint Herblain (44), L’Antenne – Sévérac (44), Le département du Val d’Oise, La Région Ile-de-France

Residency and other support :
Académie Fratellini – Saint-Denis (93), Théâtre de Limoges (87), L’AERI – Montreuil (93), La Bachelerie – Nedde (87), La Grainerie – Toulouse (31), Ville de Montsoult (95), Ville de Baillet-en-France (95), Foyer d’Accueil Médicalisé de Gentioux (87)

Applications in progress & to come : Ministère de la Culture, Spedidam

And more to come!

June 2025 – Festival Les Beaux Jours – L’Onyx Théâtre – Saint-Herblain