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Fabrice Theuillon
Yvan Robillard
Benoît Gilg

tenor saxophone
sound engineer

I K I R U is the instinct to survive, the fierce will to live.
 Weakened by a health disaster, saxophonist Fabrice Theuillon (Surnatural Orchestra, founder of The Wolphonics, etc.) immerses himself body and soul in the work of Erik Satie.

I K I R U is a tribute to the composer of the Gnossiennes and other Nocturnes, and a nod to the film of the same name by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (Vivre, 1952).

A decidedly unclassifiable artist, Satie is today one of the indisputable precursors of modern music.

With his partner, pianist Yvan Robilliard, Fabrice Theuillon explores some of the little-known repertoire of the composer born in Honfleur in 1866, re-orchestrated for piano and saxophone, chosen sometimes for their profound, meditative character, sometimes for their mischievous, mischievous nature.
The improvisation acts as a counterpoint to this writing, like an invitation to take new paths in the heart of a soundscape we thought we knew perfectly well. I K I R U reveals an unexpected facet of the man nicknamed the ‘Velvet Gentleman’, revelling in the subtle and fascinating modernity of his work. A music of extreme sensitivity, organic and imaginative, that goes straight to the heart.

contact : Valentin Calori