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official release on October 21, 2022

label Collectif Surnatural
physical distribution
digital distribution Absilone

Preamble: Pic, a musical circus show

The continued crumbling of the sandcastle that serves as the bedrock of our lives is not bad in itself. It allows/forces us to remain mobilized. The fragility of what is being built can call for ironic and absurd answers, and that is where we are headed… Our answers (even if they remain questions) are as much in our artistic content as in our ways of implement them. A way to be with. Not to leave out…

The release of PIC, album b.o., accompanies the first tour of the circus show of the same name, joint creation Surnatural Orchestra / Cirque Inextremiste. If the album was recorded mainly in our studio in Bagnolet, we also wanted to make this nomadic, welcoming and emblematic place resonate there, from the beautiful and vast marquee which is the setting for our show. Composed specifically for PIC, a UFO piece closely mixing orchestral music and high-flying acrobatics (with which the musicians are fully associated), the repertoire responds to scenic issues as much as to aesthetic desires. There are many voices, songs, choirs, which leave the body free to go about the scene… and offer composers beautiful avenues for renewal. The forms, sometimes more written in performance to allow the appointments necessary for the smooth running of the “numbers”, remain however, in practice, often open and leave room for the interventions of the soloists as well as for orchestral slippages. The multiplicity of composers in the orchestra continues to give the ensemble an eclectic stylistic palette. We rely on heady hymns, which remain in everyone once they leave the marquee, as well as on clashes, weavings of more complex orchestrations with intertwining harmonies and timbres…

List of songs

  • Sur une pente #3 1:32
  • Le ciel sur la tête 3:33
  • I feel like sea fish in a city pond 3:27
  • 1847 vitres 3:14
  • Ornella 3:36
  • Proxy 5:25
  • Sur une pente #1 2:59
  • Manège 5:23
  • Lémuriens 5:21
  • Warum (reality isn’t a tango) 7:49
  • Annapurna 5:16
  • Sur une pente #2 3:10
  • Whisper hot 6:16


The team

Adrien Amey sopranino, alto & baritone saxophones Hanno Baumfelder trombone, voice Antoine Berjeaut trumpet, flugelhorn, voice Boris Boublil keyboards, guitar, voice Guillaume Christophel tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet Léa Ciechelski soprano, alto & piccolo flutes, alto saxophone, voice Sven Clerx percussion, drums, voice Fabien Debellefontaine sousaphone, bass trombone, recorder, voice Guillaume Dutrieux trumpet, flugelhorn, voice Pierre Millet trumpet, flugelhorn Basile Naudet sopranino saxophone François Roche-Juarez trombone, guitar, voice Julien Rousseau flugelhorn, euphonium, trombone soprano, voice Jeannot Salvatori alto & baritone saxophone, voice Camille Secheppet alto & baritone saxophone, clarinet, voice Nicolas Stephan tenor saxophone, voice Ianik Tallet drums, voice Clea Torales alto saxophone, flute, voice Judith Wekstein bass trombone, keyboards, voice and Remi Bezacier trampoline

recorded at Caracol, Théâtre l’Échangeur, Bagnolet (93) from May 2 to 7, 2022
sound recording: Zak Cammoun, Rose Bruneau, Léo Rossi-Roth & Bertrand Péqueriau
edited & mixed by Zak Cammoun & Fabien Debellefontaine
mastered by Raphaël Jonin
graphic design & production Caroline Pageaud
administration Christine Nissim • production Camille Bari • accounting Béatrice Brociner
Produced by Collectif Surnatural
with the support of the CNM and the help of the FONPEPS for employment in the phonographic publishing sector

The PIC show was hosted in residence and co-produced by: CIRCA Pôle National Cirque, Auch Gers Occitanie; L’Azimut – National Circus Pole in Ile-de-France – Antony/Chatenay-Malabry (residence at the Plus Petit Cirque du Monde – center for circus arts and emerging cultures); the 2-pole Circus Platform in Normandy, La Brèche – National Center for Circus Arts in Normandy and the Cirque-théâtre of Elbeuf; the Fratellini Academy (Saint-Denis) as part of a residence of the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis; The Jean Moulin-Les Guilands departmental park (Bagnolet-Montreuil); The Agora – PNC of Boulazac Aquitaine. His creation was also co-produced by the Théâtre de Cornouaille, SN de Quimper, center for musical creation; The 2Scènes, SN of Besançon; the community of agglomerations MSM-Normandy; Le Parvis, SN of Tarbes Pyrenees; La Coursive, SN of La Rochelle; The Street and Circus Cooperative; the Jules Verne circus, national circus and street arts centre, Amiens. It has received national circus aid from the DGCA, aid for creation and distribution from the CNM, the Île-de-France Region and Spedidam, as well as aid for the tour of the Wave.

Collectif Surnatural is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France (contracted entity and 2022 recovery fund), the Ile de France Region (PAC – investment aid), the Departmental Council 93 (departmental company – investment aid ), the CNM (investment aid), the SACEM (aid for major projects) and occasionally by Spedidam.
He is a member of the federation of artists for music in large formats and of the FSICPA (federation of independent structures of creation and artistic production member Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Création).


communication/press Laura Trocmé / 06 63 99 37 94 /

tour manager Zoé Jarry / 07 67 79 14 85 /