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April 2012

The Surnatural Orchestra’s third opus was conceived as a simple touchstone, marking this moment in the life of the group. The music was a compilation of the pieces played in concert in the two years prior, in keeping with the orchestra’s bustling spirit. Recorded in studio, this multitrack album of random-access memory has a connecting thread. Snippets of a familiar piece are conveyed to the 19 musicians in the form of “palettes” and then entrusted to one of them. Elected “maestro” for a moment, the chosen musician will interpret the piece in her or his own way. In the end, some thirty musical moments of directed improvisation will emerge—in this album is a strict selection. These little jewels (meaning here drops of dew) come to tickle the disc’s awaited rhythms, between moments of orchestral bravura, soloes by epic soloists, sens/ual intrusions of voice, waves of waltz or polyrhythms from other continents… Wrapped in a case tailor-made by our talented fairy of beauty, this album is a “bouillon,” an “it’s-just-like,” an “in-the-spirit” of everything Surnatural Orchestra offers across the variegated stages where the group likes to perform.