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With a new record under its belt, the orchestra comes out of the woods. Remove your sweaters, spread your branches, let your arms fall to your sides while your eyes stay fixed on the moon. Come, but beware of the wolves: under dancing toes the forest bristles.

The record

Recorded with the full band in the great Midi Live studio in Villetanneuse (with Bertrand Fresel on sound), this new record presents seven titles, most from our recent repertoire. Our affinities with the Dutch group De Kift, in terms of work ethic and style, and our mutual wish to meet on stage, without managing to for so long—all this led us to solicit an “outside ear” in Ferry Heijne, the group’s charismatic leader. Ferry accepted our invitation in friendship and care, traveling this distance for us.

The object

Two vinyl discs, joined with a wooden bearing, encase the music. The top disc, fixed, works as a cover and hosts a silkscreened image (3 different visuals / Camille Sauvage). The heat of the vinyl, its soft side…