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Sans tête

Not an easy album to pigeonhole : a medley. In a box shaped like a bag of tricks: two albums, two notebooks, side by side. Recorded for a public showing at La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, the album alternates between orchestral compositions and pieces of sound painting. The music comes as close as can be to the group’s communicative stage presence and to its appetite for sheer folly… without forgetting its love for simple but clearly executed themes.

Inside the box, two booklets of beautiful paper contain the drawings, words and photographs of Camille Sauvage—the creator who has long crafted the group’s imagery. Interspersed throughout the pages, these images weave the fable of the headless man. Finally, Nicolas Flesh, the smooth talker, has offered Soif, a marine odyssey of his own making. A story that reads like a voice, slicing and tearing apart.