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Call for donations, help and financial support

To be able to continue on the plateau de millevaches to say yes to reception and no to expulsions

At almost every concert, show or festival… where Surnatural Orchestra performs, and for quite a few years now, a “solidarity fund” is opened to the good hearts of the audience. It is not always easy, to explain this initiative in only a few sentences to put the audience back on the not so welcoming ground of our planet after having proposed a lyrical parenthesis.

The money thus collected is transmitted as such to the association “Montagne-accueil-solidarité” which works on the Plateau de Mille Vaches to support people rejected by the right of asylum. A house has been bought to accommodate them, logistical, friendly and legal support is given…

A lot of money, directly coming from the pockets of our spectators, passed through our hands, allowing us to notice that this solidarity is often ready to express itself, that everyone, if he/she doesn’t have the initiative of direct gestures, is ready to support in his/her measure the actions that he/she thinks relevant.

We thank you if you have participated in one of these initiatives. We hope we will be able to answer your questions regarding the use of this money. Many associations work around us, rarely in the light, it is always possible to support them, sometimes closer to home.

You will find here some information about the association :