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Après Z

Repertoire of renewal, After Z begins a new period in the life of the orchestra. With the arrival of new musicians / composers, the music, always very orchestral, records this turning point of the desire for voices, taken from the making of the show Tall Man. Songs and choirs trace their furrows in the heart of this recent repertoire which advances without nostalgia. The after is always a before.


Léa Ciechelski (flute, alto flute, piccolo), Clea Torales (flute, alto sax), Camille Secheppet (alto sax, clarinet), Basile Naudet (alto sax), Jeannot Salvatori (alto sax, cavaquinho), Guillaume Christophel (tenor sax , clarinet), Nicolas Stephan (tenor sax, voice), Fabrice Theuillon (baritone sax, effects), Pierre Millet (trumpet, flugelhorn), Julien Rousseau (trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium), Antoine Berjeaut (trumpet, flugelhorn), François Roche -Juarez (trombone), Hanno Baumfelder (trombone), Judith Wekstein (bass trombone), Boris Boublil (keyboards, guitar), Fabien Debellefontaine (sousaphone), Ianik Tallet (drums), Sven Clerx (percussion)

Zak Cammoun and Rose Bruneau (sound), Anne Palomeres (lights), Jérôme Bertin (general management)