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La Toile – les 10, 12 et 13 novembre sous chapiteau à Bagnolet

Under this name La Toile, initially, a way of meeting between the orchestra, its vast repertoire, its availability of inventions, and circus people in their diversity. The meeting takes place during a short residency, on the achievements of the protagonists, a pooling of desires, the sharing of combinatorial possibilities of track numbers/orchestral energy… to lead to a form of show mixing the universes to the point of to melt. The result is a show that is a priori unique, performed on an ad hoc basis, combining between 20 and 25 people on stage, with the beautiful fragility inherent in the proposal…

Very diverse Webs have taken place since 2009 in various forms with members of the companies Les Colporteurs, Cirque Inextremiste, Basinga (Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga), L’Immédiat, Bikes & Rabbits, Cheptel Aleikoum, Toi Dabord

A first “Toile” meeting with the Compagnie Inextremiste finally, a few years ago, gave rise to several evolving forms, all very diverse, preambles to the creation of an original circus show : Esquif. Here we put the cover back together… Eel under rock?!