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A tent to share

Surnatural Orchestra is a creative orchestra of 18 musicians, 5 technicians, 4 people in production, with horizontal operation. With 20 years of experience in collective organization, multi-disciplinary creations, a first creation under a big top, we are embarking on a new adventure: the acquisition of a big top, shared with the circus collective Le Cheptel Aleikoum. The project manager and technical director of this marquee is Nicolas Legendre (D.T. of Les Colporteurs, Printemps de Bourges, Alba la Romaine festival, etc.)

We are keen on this idea of itinerant establishment to meet a territory. As Ile-de-France region delegate, Surnatural Orchestra participates in the reflection of the Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de création and agrees with its recent recommendations to the Ministry of Culture to respond to the risk of “saturation of places of diffusion namely: the creation and support of 100 additional ephemeral rooms to show the shows that will have been created during the periods of confinement/curfew and to host the creation residencies of future shows.

Also, in view of the popular and critical success of the musical and circus show Esquif created and produced by Surnatural Orchestra in 2016, our ensemble is returning to a music and circus creation under a big top.

Our first location will take place at the Jean Moulin – Les Guilands park in Bagnolet / Montreuil (93) in autumn 2021. We will start with a technical residence, then an artistic residence for this new creation, and will end with distribution. The significant cost of setting up (see budget) as well as the observation that equipment with a capacity ranging from 550 to 950 places is very rare in the inner suburbs, convinced us to pool this equipment by offering to rent this marquee.

This rental includes what is necessary to host shows or events both materially and humanely. Here is a summary of the different stage layouts and

types of public facilities:
• central stage, circular track, seated audience: 632 seats
• front stage, seated audience: 585 seats
• front stage, public standing and seated in the stands: 650 seats
• front stage, standing audience: 950 seats

You will find attached the financial and technical details as well as a first schedule, each additional day of implementation is an additional day of guarding, so we will seek to group together the events as much as possible between mid-October and the beginning of December 2021. Any configuration change requiring handling, we will try in the same way to group together the configurations with the front stage at the end of the installation.
All this is open to discussion, you will find our contacts on the last page.